The Birth Story of OX Vape – How It All Started

The Birth Story of OX Vape – How It All Started

OX Vape - Vaping for health benefits.

Vaping, intended to be a safer alternative to traditional smoking, has been part of our generation for more than a decade now. Various companies, start-ups, and communities have endorsed vaping and e-cigarettes (vape devices) to replace tobacco, considering how difficult it is to quit smoking for many traditional smokers without a substitute with less harmful aspects.

e-Cigarettes are devices that produce vaporized nicotine from heated liquid. Whereas, traditional cigarettes emit smoke from tobacco combustion and contain around 7,000 chemicals.

Hundreds of these substances are hazardous. In comparison, e-cigarettes contain fewer chemicals than conventional cigarettes, posing no significant threat to your health.

E-cigarettes have been marketed for some time as a safer choice for smokers and as a tool to help smokers finally stop. John and George were among those individuals who quickly noticed this influence. 

According to 2019 research, 19% of individuals who used e-cigarettes to stop smoking were no more extended smoking a year later, whereas 9 percent of those who used nicotine replacement therapy, such as patches and gum, quit smoking.

Vaping provides a lot more conveniences, namely the ease of smoking indoors. Whenever any individual needed to take a smoke break, they had to step out of the comfort of their indoor environment to go out and light up a cigarette. With vaping, that is nullified as vaping products create vapours; unlike the smoke from tobacco, are not irritating or toxic.

Vaping also helps with the element of smell. Tobacco smoking leaves an undeniable odour, besides stating the obvious. Whether you are having a cigarette, and someone passes by, or if you are meeting someone, the trace of that strong smell always follows. With vaping, not only does the smell disappear, but with the flavour variety, the vapours can create a delightful scent.


One of such devoted pioneers of the vaping world are OX Vape’s founders. Founded by two visionaries, John and George, they had the vision to assist those in need of quitting traditional cigarettes. To help, they realized that the chances of switching from that were statistically higher when choosing a healthier alternative.

With the opening of their own store, they aimed to cater to everyone who wanted such a replacement. From people who were entirely new to the vaping world and needed the ideal guidance to set them off with a starter device of their own to the veterans who had a more vast and knowledgeable experience when it came to vaping, OX Vape wants to be the solution to everyone’s requirements.


Considering their immense knowledge, experience, and influence in vaping and e-cigarettes, OX Vape was first recognized and founded by John in 2015. Assisted by the originating manager, George, both vaping pioneers embarked on their journey to create a business from scratch. Which to today, has been supremely commended and applauded for its unparalleled customer services.

Founded in Didcot, South Oxfordshire, after facing a band of hurdles and challenges. OX Vape successfully embarked on its journey to immerse vaping into their neighbourhood, and soon even further than that.

Since its launch, OX Vape has been an exceptional specialist vaping outlet. As a knowledgeable vaping store with expert consultancy to guide all types of customers, ranging from individuals mainly interested in the knowledge and consideration to avid users who need a constant supply of different products on a timely basis, OX Vape caters to all.

Since day one, OX Vape’s primary focus has always been to rely on its superb knowledge to provide the most exclusive and extravagant customer services. All the while maintaining a widely available stock of the most premium of products available in the entire world.


Suppose the article has piqued your interest, not only about vaping but about the dignified OX Vape too. In that case, we can understand how interested you would be, especially if you are a traditional tobacco smoker. With the available options, we are bound to help you choose the ideal kit depending on your needs.

As someone entirely new to the vaping world, it can get quite confusing where to start, especially considering all the various options to choose from OX Vape’s widely available stock.

For most starters, we suggest looking into the starter kits or disposables. Most of these starter kits provide pod systems that deliver a significant amount of nicotine salts. These devices come with the Mouth-To-Lung (MTL) action that mimics the function of a cigarette down to the inhaling sensation.

These starter kits come with manuals and instructions to use these devices; based on the e-juice and coil replacement if needed. Disposable pods are another excellent choice to start with if you are not sure of what to expect from a vape device. These pods are extremely simple to use; all you need to do is choose a device with a pre-installed nicotine level along with a specific flavour(lemon vape juice). The only hassle you would need to worry about is taking it out of your pocket before taking a puff.

For the more avid users, various pod kits and sub-ohm vaping kits are considered to be the ideal choice, providing a lot more features and accessibility. These kits are for users that want a little more from the devices and vaping experience. These kits come with the feasibility to provide a lot more power but at a lower nicotine level. Such devices also have the Direct-To-Lung (DTL) feature, which relies more on directly inhaling the vapor through the mouth.

Either way, the choice is yours.