Disposable Vape Pens and Kits

All You Need To Know About Disposable Vape Kits

All You Need To Know About Disposable Vape Kits

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Disposable vapes are the best devices to aid the transition into the world of vaping. Because of their ease of use, compact and user-friendly design, a disposable vape is one of the most convenient devices you can use in the vaping industry. According to the NHS, thousands of people in the UK have found the use of vape kits to be very effective in managing nicotine cravings and even quitting cigarettes entirely.

What are Disposable Vape Kits?

Disposable vape kits are vaping devices designed to be small, non-rechargeable, and pre-filled with E-liquid. Each device is purposed for a single-use only, making them a great choice for the on-the-go individual. Unlike your traditional vape kits, disposables usually don’t require any form of initial setup.

They consist of a battery, a coil, and a tank that comes pre-filled with the E-liquid (vape juice). The device activates once you puff on it, with the battery sending a current to the coil, which is housed inside the tank. This current heats the coil and allows the vaporisation of the E-liquid for inhalation.

In terms of nicotine strength, the most popular available strength in a disposable vape is 20 milligrams. Although there are some disposable kits that offer lower strengths, the level of nicotine strength you get ultimately depends on your individual preference and what you feel is right for you.

Safety of Disposable Vape Kits

Disposable vape kits are safe to use, provided you purchase them from a reputable vendor that can guarantee their quality. In the UK, all disposable vape products require approval from regulatory bodies like The European Tobacco Products Directive and The Medicine and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency. These bodies ensure that certain guidelines are followed. These include:

• A maximum tank capacity of 2ml and 2% nicotine strength (20mg/ml nicotine).
• Ensuring that all the ingredients are approved for consumption;
• that each product is properly labelled with the relevant information and warnings.

Benefits of Disposable Vape Kits

Below are some of the reasons why disposable vape kits are becoming incredibly popular.

User-Friendly/Ease of Use

When it comes to its compact design and convenience, disposable vapes stand out in comparison to traditional vapes. Disposable vapes don’t require any form of replacements (coils or re-filling the E-liquid) or recharging. There is also no need to deal with a confusing setup.

All you need to do is purchase the product, vape and throw it away once it is finished. This ease of use makes it the perfect choice for beginners who are new to the vaping world and even for expert vapers who don’t want to deal with the hassles of maintaining traditional vaping devices.


Disposable vape kits are packed with vape flavours formulated from nicotine which generates a very strong flavoured vapour with a high nicotine dosage. This feature makes disposables an appealing choice to smokers.

A Wider Range of Products

Every day, the lists of available flavours continue to expand, so you don’t have to worry about catering to your preferences. From fruit-flavoured, menthol vape juice, and dessert-flavoured E-liquids to traditional tobacco flavours, there is a wide range of disposable vape kits for you to choose from.

Cheaper to Start With

Disposable vapes are a very cheap form of E-cigarettes that are readily available on the market. This is especially convenient if you are looking for a quick fix at a reasonable price. You can get the VapeMan Solo+ disposable pod kit on OX Vape for as low as £5.95.

Compact Design – Perfect for Discretion

Because of their compact size, disposable vapes are easy to conceal, so you don’t have to worry about carrying around a chunky device. They are also great if you have limited room in your pockets and bags.

Stylish and Portable

For people who are constantly travelling, carrying around a heavy vape kit in your luggage is in no way ideal. Chances are, you may not have the space in your luggage to even accommodate it. The best alternative is a disposable vape kit that can weigh as little as 20g and fits snug anywhere.

No Maintenance Required

This is another reason why a lot of people in the vaping community prefer disposables. Unlike traditional reusable vape kits, disposables do not require any form of maintenance (cleaning, coil replacement, or recharging).

Conclusion On Disposable Vapes

Disposable vapes are ideal for beginners who wish to explore the world of vaping and for experts looking for a quick fix. Their compact design and ease of use makes them very convenient. Including a lot of benefits, from being affordable to the availability of a variety of flavours. Check out OX Vape today for a wide range of top-quality and affordable vape pens and kits.