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Step Up Your Health And Quit

Ever wondered what it’d take to get you to drop that pack of cigarettes for good? Perhaps you’ve been looking for the right boost or push in your journey to a smoke-free lifestyle and still haven’t found it. Well, look no further because Stoptober is back, and with it, a great tool to help you put out the lights of your cigarettes for good.

So read on as we look at Stoptober, a decade-long tradition that has been key to better health. Furthermore, how switching to vaping can be useful for breaking a harmful habit.

Why You Should Quit Smoking

To get rid of the habit, you have to understand why the habit needs to go. It’s only when you learn about the harmful effects of smoking and the benefits of quitting that you can begin a serious path to a life without cigarettes.

In essence, the best part of smoking cigarettes is quitting, and there are a few reasons why:

Harmful carbon monoxide that formerly resided in your system is cleared.

Pulse rate improves and lung function is greatly boosted, leading to better and easier breathing.

Blood circulation gets better as the weeks go by and you can feel the energy returning to your body.

Moving away from health benefits, you save money when you quit smoking. As much as over £1,000 is saved annually when looking at the price of cigarettes.

At this point, it’s crystal clear why you should quit smoking. Therefore, we move on from why you should quit to how you can stop smoking. It all boils down to a decade-long tradition known as Stoptober. Let’s have a look at what it’s all about, shall we?

How Stoptober Helps You And Your Health

Before we move on to how Stoptober helps you quit smoking, let’s talk a little bit about what it is.

Stoptober is a campaign that was developed by the Department of Health in England back in 2011. Its sole aim is to get smokers to quit their habits by embarking on a 28-day smoke-free journey in October. In other words, it’s a challenge for smokers to do without their harmful cigarette pals for 28 days.

And Stoptober has yielded great results. The basis of this campaign is that when you go 28 days without lighting a cigarette, you overcome periods of massive withdrawal symptoms and are 5 times more likely to quit for good than at the start.

Further proof of how effective Stoptober is, lies in the numbers. Since the campaign launched 10 years ago, the rate of adults who smoke has reduced from 19.3% to 13.9%. Note that this is based on an estimate provided in 2019. So, what’s the secret, or what are the secrets behind Stoptober? Well, ever heard of vaping?

Vaping: The Key To A Smoke-Free Life

The thing about dropping your cigarettes for good without any help is that you are likely to fall back on that habit and start the process all over again. But when you pair the drive to quit smoking with a support tool then it’s a different ball game.

But first, what are Vapes? Why do you need them? And how are they different from cigarettes?

How Does Vaping Help You Quit?

During Stoptober, avoiding cigarettes, you’ll need all the support you can get to make sure you make it through. This includes contact with professionals, calls, emails from the NHS, and a recommended tool for cigarette withdrawal – E-cigarettes.

Therefore, these e-cigarettes that help provide a nicotine replacement therapy are useful to all who are looking to quit. One of the many thoughts running through your mind right now is, “aren’t Vapes just portable, electronic cigarettes?”

You see, unlike tobacco cigarettes, e-cigarettes, contain fluid which is a mix of nicotine, propylene glycol, vegetable glycine, and flavourings. These devices allow you to inhale the nicotine in the form of vapour instead of the harmful smoke you get from regular cigarettes.

Nicotine shots in e-liquid can be regulated, which is essential for coping with cravings and withdrawal. Vapes allow you to regulate just how much nicotine your body ingests. This promotes a gradual cessation of your smoking habits while reducing the risks involved in smoking.

At the same time, vape devices allow smokers to save money that would have otherwise been spent on cigarettes. Vape kits are relatively cheaper and hence a better option to switch to during Stoptober.

Another reason why vape kits are essential if you’re trying to quit smoking is that vapes provide some “smoker sensations”. These include the hit to the back of the throat you normally experience when inhaling nicotine salts.

The other is the hand-to-mouth gesture that occurs when you inhale the much safer and better-regulated nicotine. The essence of these sensations is to ease your cravings and control withdrawal symptoms.

Bottom Line of Stoptober

When you factor in the fact that vapes provide a healthy alternative to cigarettes, you immediately realise that vapes are essential for having a great Stoptober and ultimately, quitting the smoking habit for good.

So, rather than throwing the packs of cigarettes away and laying cold in the battle against withdrawal symptoms and unhealthy cravings. Replace your tobacco cigarettes with more health-friendly E-cigarettes that filter the harmful components away.

How To Get Your Hands On Some Vapes

If you’re a traditional smoker of tobacco cigarettes, you’ll need a Vape substitute if you want to make this Stoptober count. Luckily for you, these are not hard to find as they are sold in different places, and you can even head over to our website to get your hands on some great starter kits.