Maintaining Your Vape: Tips and Tricks for Long-Lasting Performance

Maintaining Your Vape: Tips and Tricks for Long-Lasting Performance

Refillable vaping devices can last a long time if you maintain them correctly. Then you will not need to keep purchasing new disposable or refillable vaping devices because you can keep reusing the refillable ones.

Below are the top four tips and tricks for maintaining your vape device.

1) Disassemble the Vape Device

First, you must learn how to disassemble the vape device. Read the instruction manual that came with the vape device. It will instruct you on how to disassemble the device correctly.

Once you can access the device’s internal components, you’ll want to focus on the tank, coils, and battery. These are the three parts that need cleaning the most.  

2) Rinse the Tank

Remove any e-liquid still in the tank. Next, use warm water to rinse the tank of all dirt and filth. You may find using a mild soap solution helpful if your tank is too filthy. Just make sure you rinse away all the soap residue if you choose to use soap and water together.

3) Rinse the Coils

The coils of a vape device get burnt and dirty from constantly heating the e-liquid to produce vapor. It is imperative to regularly rinse and clean the coils with warm water before they get too burnt and dirty.

You can use special coil-cleaning solutions to help remove stubborn burn residue from filthy coils.  

This needs to be dried properly before it can be used. Drying them In an airing cupboard is a great way to ensure that they are dry before use.

4) Clean the Battery

The battery provides power to the vape device. Dirt and grime can accumulate on the battery terminals if you do not clean them regularly. Use a dry cloth to wipe away the grime and dirt on the terminals gently.