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Exploring the Health Debate: Vaping vs. Smoking

Exploring the Health Debate: Vaping vs. Smoking

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Is it healthier to vape or smoke? That is the big question everyone wants to know.

Some say vaping is healthier because it allows you to consume less nicotine than tobacco cigarettes. That is why many smokers are successfully quitting smoking by switching to vaping. Not only is vaping healthier, but it also suppresses smoke cravings too.

Here is a breakdown of the primary health differences between smoking and vaping:


Smoking requires you to burn tobacco, which produces harmful toxins that go into your lungs. These toxins are why smokers have a high risk of developing lung cancer and other respiratory illnesses.

Tobacco cigarettes also have a fixed amount of nicotine. You don’t have any real control over the nicotine strength in your tobacco cigarettes. Just note that the sensation of smoking is equivalent to the sensation of vaping the strongest e-liquid with 18mg of nicotine.

You may feel compelled to consume even more nicotine by smoking additional cigarettes consecutively. The high strength of smoking cigarettes causes a higher risk of addiction.


Vaping does not require burning tobacco, so it doesn’t produce harmful toxins. The only health risk is the nicotine in the e-liquid. However, e-liquids have various strength options based on their nicotine amounts. So if you want to reduce the risk to your health, choose an e-liquid with less strength (which means less nicotine).

Nicotine itself doesn’t cause cancer. But it is still addictive and could cause an increase in heart rate and blood pressure if you are not careful. Based on your current health status, consult your doctor about which e-liquid strength is right for you.

The Verdict

The use of electronic cigarettes is much healthier than smoking. It is also a viable alternative for quitting smoking – a great aid.