Looking Back at the Vaping Trends of 2022 and What The Future Holds for Vaping

Looking Back at the Vaping Trends of 2022 and What The Future Holds for Vaping

Looking Back at the Vaping Trends of 2022 and What The Future Holds for Vaping

The vaping industry has had a meaningful existence amid chaos and challenges. Let’s take a ride down memory lane and envisage future occurrences!

A Memorable Experience Thus Far

Vapers have enjoyed incredible commitment and dedication from the vaping industry, who strove to check boxes and meet every need. The industry has grown and evolved, and 2022 saw some remarkable improvements. Let’s pay homage to some 2022 vaping trends that we loved:

The Rapid Rise of Disposable Vapes

The invention, they say, is the mother of necessity! True to form, the vaping industry invented yet another problem-solver, disposable vape kits, which gained popularity at breakneck speed. The vape bars of 2022 are completely distinct from those sold a decade ago. Manufacturers took out fake tobacco and menthol vape juice additives for quality nicotine, and the puffs were more satisfactory and quenched quitters’ overwhelming cravings.

High Demand for Customisable Vape Juice

While there was no shortage of fantastic vape flavours, most vapers wanted something tailor-made for their palate. E-liquid manufacturers rose to the demand and offered bespoke vape juice for consumers. Though customised flavours aren’t recent news, it was mostly a sad DIY affair that yielded less than excellent results. It was a refreshing change of pace to have expertly made customizable juices as opposed to shoddy attempts.

Compact Devices Stole The Day

Vaping pods transformed (per consumer requests) and became smaller in size. The miniature size of the pods belied their performance, which was nothing short of impressive. Some pod kits were so small they were named pod mods (a small-but-mighty performer with the experience of a sub-ohm). Vape pens lost their meteoric popularity, and these portable vapes took over.

Tech Meets Vape

The first relationship vape devices had with technology was Bluetooth connection! But, of course, it didn’t end there. The year 2022 further cemented the relationship by popularising integrated apps like Vape Boss. The app provided information regarding “all things vape”. We also got a Facebook-like Vape app called Vaffle, a social platform exclusively designed for vapers. A little bird told us that this trend might extend beyond 2022!

What Does The Future Hold?

Having seen the latest trends, vapers are excited about the future. But is the future as promising as it appears? Why don’t we find out:

• Lung Cancer Predictions

Not to start on the wrong foot, but news outlets have been warning against the outbreak of lung disease, reportedly associated with vapes. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reported about 221,097 cases as of October, with 34 deaths. However, the causative chemicals are yet to be identified. And the cases are not directly linked to long-term use of nicotine-infused e-cigarettes!

So, does the claim that vapes will cause a devastating lung cancer outbreak in the future hold water? For one, the cases do not directly result from the long-term use of regulated nicotine shots. In fact, the UK health authorities have debunked these claims, stating that the prediction is likely to occur in the UK. According to the report, the suspected causative chemicals, THC and vitamin E, are not permitted in the country’s e-Cigarettes!

• Corn Starch Packaging

The global environment is confronting a climatic crisis largely due to plastic use and other factors. Single-use vape plastics are one of the factors at play here. As such, measures are being taken to reduce the consumption of plastic vapes. In 2021, Riot Squad led the campaign against single-use plastics by launching a disposable vape called Qbar. There has been a surge in the use of disposable vapes ever since. But more significantly, there have been murmurs of exploring corn starch vape packaging to support climate health.

• The Projected Rise of Stevia Vape Juice

Fruit and candy e-liquid flavours have been the primary sweeteners in vape juices. Sucralose (Splenda) is the backbone of these sweeteners; as expected, it isn’t exactly healthy. Stevia has risen to replace Splenda; it is derived from the Stevia plant and is calorie-free. While it is not as “sweet” as Splenda, it provides good value, has a gentler effect on coils, and increases their longevity with each use.

Closing Remarks

The vaping industry has had a wonderful year, and more consumer and industry-related trends are expected in the coming years. So, keep your fingers crossed and look forward to impact-making trends!