Choosing the Right Nicotine Strength

Choosing the Right Nicotine Strength

E-liquid bottles have specific numbers referring to the milligrams of nicotine in the liquid. Nicotine comes from a tobacco plant and is responsible for giving people a more relaxed feeling. However, it is also a potentially harmful chemical compound for people who consume it regularly.

E-liquids don’t have as much nicotine as tobacco cigarettes, but they still have some nicotine. That is why you need to look at the numbers on the e-liquid bottles to determine how much nicotine is in them.

For instance, higher numbers indicate more nicotine, and smaller numbers indicate less nicotine. So if you want more nicotine strength, you would need a higher number for more nicotine.

Here are the five standard nicotine strength options:

1) 0mg Nicotine

Choose this option if you don’t want any nicotine in your e-liquids. It is the healthiest option for people who only care about social vaping without getting a buzz. Of course, you could dilute the liquid with your own nicotine if you wish to add some yourself.

2) 3mg Nicotine

The 3mg nicotine shots is suitable for people who want to quit smoking but still need to gradually consume small amounts of nicotine to help kick the habit.

3) 6mg Nicotine

The 6mg of nicotine is strong enough to give you a buzz while remaining low in nicotine. It is a perfect neutral nicotine amount without overdoing it.

4) 12mg Nicotine

Anyone switching from cigarette smoking to vaping should start with the 12mg nicotine strength. It is strong enough to make the transition easy.

5) 18mg Nicotine

Here is the highest level of nicotine for an e-liquid. Anyone who vapes 18mg of nicotine probably doesn’t care too much about quitting smoking or reducing their nicotine intake.