Safety First: Proper Maintenance and Storage of Your Vape Gear

Safety First: Proper Maintenance and Storage of Your Vape Gear

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Do you want to keep your vape gear in top condition for as long as possible? If so, you must understand the best ways to properly maintain and store your devices and all their related components.

Below are the top four maintenance and storage tips to help you get started.

1) Clean the Battery Terminals

The number one essential thing to do is clean your battery terminals. Otherwise, the dirty battery terminals could reduce the performance and effectiveness of the vape device.

Just use a cotton swab to clean the terminals gently. Repeat this after every couple of vapes to ensure your battery continues to perform and connect well.

2) Store in a Cool, Dry Place

Never leave your vape devices outside under the sunlight or in any warm environment for too long. Heat and UV rays can damage your vape devices and diminish the taste and quality of the e-liquids.

Find a place indoors to store your vape gear at room temperature and away from the sunlight. Some examples include dresser drawers, closets, and safes.

3) Rinse the Tank and Coils

Constant use of a vape device will cause its tank and coils to get dirty. So, regularly clean the tank and coils with warm water and a mild soap solution to remove all the grime and dirt. You can also use special coil-cleaning formulas to target the stubborn residue on the coils.

Remember to empty any e-liquid left in the tank before rinsing and cleaning it.

4) Disassemble the Vape Device

You must learn how to disassemble your vape devices because it is the only way you will be able to remove and clean their internal components safely and thoroughly. Use the instruction manual included with each vaping device to learn about disassembling it and accessing its internal components correctly.