0ml shortfills

0ml shortfills

50ml shortfills contain 50ml of e-liquid inside a large bottle. They are used to refill the current vape kit you have.

The name “shortfill” comes from the e-liquid container being a 60ml bottle, even though only 50ml of e-liquid is in it. The liquid is shortfilled on purpose because the manufacturer wants to leave 10ml of space for adding a nicotine shot. In other words, the 50ml shortfills give you more control over the nicotine strength you’d like to add to the e-liquid bottle.

For example, if you want to add one 10mg nicotine shot to the 50ml shortfill bottle, it will produce 3mg of e-liquid to vape. But if you double the 18mg nicotine shots, it will create 6mg of e-liquid. New users should stick with one nicotine shot to ensure they can handle the effects of the dosage.

To add the dosage, remove the cap from the 50ml shortfill bottle. Then you will have to take off the nozzle portion of the bottle. After that, add the nicotine shot to the liquid as needed. Now put back on the nozzle and then screw on the cap securely. Shake the bottle profusely to mix the nicotine and e-liquid well. Leave the bottle alone for a few minutes until all the visible air bubbles go away.

Ox Vape offers several 50ml shortfill flavours, such as watermelon bubble gum, strawberry marshmallow, rich tobacco, rainbow Astaire, menthol cherry, menthol tobacco, raspberry lemonade, and many others.

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