0ml E Liquids

0ml E Liquids

Are you looking to experiment and try out various e liquid products? If so, starting with the 10ml e liquids is always good because they give you more options to expand your vaping experience without overdoing it on the nicotine consumption.

Anyone new to vaping should also start with 10ml e liquids because you need to experiment and see how the nicotine strength will affect you. Of course, you may find e liquids with no nicotine in them, but the majority have some nicotine strength.

In addition, the 10ml e liquids are the cheapest vape juices compared to the higher quantity 50ml to 120ml e liquids. You would not want to spend too much money on a higher quantity of e liquid unless you know you can tolerate it.

But the most important thing to focus on right now is the flavour. 10ml e liquids come in various flavours, such as tropical fruit, watermelon, rainbow sweets, caramel milkshake, melon berries, strawberry lemonade, sour cherry, bubble gum, and more.

The nicotine strength options are usually 11 mg or 20mg. Again, if you are new to vaping e liquids, it is better to stick with the smallest amount of nicotine, which would be 11mg in most cases. 

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