00ml shortfills

00ml shortfills

100ml shortfills contain 100ml of e-liquid inside a larger 120ml bottle. They contain no nicotine because you are supposed to add nicotine shots to the e-liquid if you want it to contain nicotine strength. Some people prefer no nicotine in their e-liquid, and that is okay. But if you want that nicotine buzz, you must pay attention to how many nicotine shots you add to the e-liquid.

The 120ml bottle leaves an extra 20ml space to add nicotine to the 100ml shortfill e-liquid. You can add up to four nicotine shots to the 100ml of e-liquid, creating much stronger nicotine-based e-liquid in the 100ml shortfills than in the 50ml shortfills. Make sure you can handle multiple nicotine shots if you add more than one.

Adding one 18mg nicotine shot to the 100ml shortfill will create 1.5mg of nicotine-based e-liquid. Adding two 18mg nicotine shots will make 3mg of nicotine-based e-liquid. If you keep going, three nicotine shots produce 4.5mg, and four nicotine shots create 6mg. The four shots should fill up the 120ml bottle completely.

Adding the nicotine shots to the bottle should be straightforward. Just unscrew the cap and remove the nozzle from the bottle. Now pour in the nicotine shot solution with the e-liquid shortfill. Reinstall the nozzle and screw on the lid until it is tight. Give the bottle a good shake until all the nicotine has merged with the liquid.

Ox Vape has a fine selection of 100ml shortfill product options of various flavours, such as grape and watermelon. Call us at 01235 810 200 or email us at sales@oxvape.co.uk to learn more today.